Purchase tips

Finding the best home theater receiver or amplifier is not always easy. To summarize our guide peeks we bit on what you should look for.

Most home theater amplifiers and processors now have a good selection of connections. Even on affordable home theater amplifiers are common 3 or more HDMI inputs. Consider how many connections you need now and add a little extra so you have expansion opportunities.

Sound systems
Substantially all of today's home theater amplifiers support HD audio formats like DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio formats so rare is an argument for the choice of home theater amplifier if one wants a 5.1 / 7.1 layouts. If you wish, however several channels must look for amplifiers that supports 9 and 11 channel audio such as DTS Neo: X.

What price range
If one compares home amplifiers in different price ranges it can often seem like there is little differences. Often effect told about the same and the number of connections increases not particularly when looking at the price differences. What is it you get when you go eg from 3000 - to 7000.- or 7000, - to 12000, -? Typically, manufacturers have added more money into power. This allows the amplifier typically tackles more demanding loudspeakers in a better way. In addition to multiple connectivity options are also the biggest amplifiers equipped with 9 channels and typically has other properties that better room correction for even better home theater experience.

Integrated or seperate solutions
If your budget for home theater amplifier passes 15,000 - you begin to get in range for solutions that involve seperate components. In these cases there is often a choice between one of the great home theater amps or a separate hjemmekinorprosessor and power amplifier. The advantage of seperate products is that the power amplifier is typically far more powerful than the power section contained in integrated home theater amplifiers. One disadvantage is that the range of hjemmekinoprosesorer is low and it is often the smaller vendor that offers this. This often makes the home theater processors are not as updated as regards support for audio formats, functionality around room correction and number of connections. Many therefore choose to combine a separate power amplifier with an integrated home theater amplifier that offers preout tilkobinger for power amplifier. This typically provides a layout that is state of the art, while providing great force.

Home Cinema Amplifier used as stereo amplifier Norway Many stereo enthusiasts wrinkles on the nose when they hear about those who use home theater amplifiers ster setup. Often thought behind this that a home theater amplifier contains very much different functionality and electronics that are not needed for reproduction in stereo, and that they thus receive much less stereo amplifier per dollar and thus less quality when choosing a home theater amplifier versus a pure stereo amplifier. Here there are no definitive answers, but the magazine Home has on several occasions tested home amplifiers against similarly priced amplifiers and then hold home amplifiers often very good. The fact that home amplifiers often have room correction that can help also in a ster setup is also a factor that can have a positive effect in favor home theater receiver. Here is our advice that you just have to try it out.