Denon AVR-X4100W

Denon AVR-X4100W is a 7 channel AV-Amplifier with up to 125 Watt for each channel.

Audio features
AVR-X4100W supports many audio formats. Below you find a list of the most important audio formats with a short description of each format.

Dolby DigitalDolby Digital is the most used audio format on DVD and is transfered to the amplifier through HDMI or optical/coaxial digital inputs.

Dolby TrueHDDolby TrueHD is a High-Definition audio format developed for HD-formats like Blu-Ray and can only be transferred through HDMI to the amplifier.

Dolby Pro Logic IIDolby Pro Logic II is the audio system from Dolby that the amplifier will use for analog or two channels Digital sources like TV- broadcasts.

Dolby Pro Logic IIx Dolby Pro Logic IIx is a secondary audio format that makes it possible to transform 5-channel audio to 7-channel audio. This can be a useful feature since most Blu-Ray and DVD only have 5-channel sound.

DTS-HD Master Audio DTS HD Master Audio is a lossless HD audio formats from DTS. This format offers up to 7.1 channels and used on a variety of Blu-Ray films.

DTS DTS is an audio format that is used on a some DVD movies and offers up to 5 discrete channels + subwoofer.

DTS Neo: X is DTS sound system that the first time expands the number of channels from 7.1 up to 11.1. DTS Neo: X allows for extra height and width in the front channels. For amplifiers with 9 channels you must choose if you want extra width or height.

Dolby Atmos is the latest audio format where using loudspeakers in the ceiling or special speakers with own elements angled toward the ceiling can get an experience of some of the sound coming from above.

To achieve the best possible sound reproduction in a home theater setup AVR-X4100W is equipped with automatic room correction that adjusts a number of parameters based on measurements made using an included microphone. Noise level of each speaker automatically adjusted along with delay based on the placement of speakers. In addition adjusted frequency response of each speaker so that it fits the room and speaker. The specification for the equalizer for the main channels are 9 bånds, while it is - for the subwoofer channel.

Audyssey MultEQ XT32 The room correction technology that AVR-X4100W is equipped with is Audyssey MultEQ XT32 that is developed by Audyssey, a firm that specializes in developing sound processing to many of the major manufacturers of AV-amplifiers. Audyssey MultEQ XT32 is the most advanced processing from Audyssey.

To get the best possible bass reproduction in your home theater setup AVR-X4100W has individual bass handling of the different channels. That means you can set different value for lowpass filter for each speaker group. The low pass filter can be set to a wide range of frequencies. The available frequencies are 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 150, 200, 250Hz.

Video features
If you have analog sources which must be connected to a TV or projector through the amplifier, the amplifier has video conversion from composite, s-video and component to digital HDMI signal. This ensures that it is enough with a single HDMI cable to the projector/TV.The Video signal can be upscaled to HD format so that it fits with the TV / projectors resolution if you want to make this transformation in amplifier instead of TV / Projector. The amplifier can upscale to 720p, 1080i and 1080p signal.

ISF AVR-X4100W is equipped with ISF Video Calibration. This means that one can do advanced calibration of the video signal that goes through the amplifier. This means that you can achieve optimal calibrated image on the connected projector or television although these do not have good calibration possibilities.

AVR-X4100W is equipped with a wide range of connection option for video sources. It has 7 HDMI, 2 component and 3 composite inputs.It also has 5 RCA inputs for analog audio connection and 2 optical digital inputs and 2 coaxial digital inputs.

The amplifier is equipped with 2 HDMI- 1 component, and 1 composite monitor outputs.The amplifier supports HDMI Arc (Audio Return Channel), which means it can receive audio from a TV from the same cable that transmits image from amplifier to TV. This keeps you from having a seperate digital cable or RCA cable from the TV to the amplifier. Requires that the TV supports HDMI Arc.

The amplifier is equipped with 9.2 RCA preout output so that it is possible for connecting power amplifiers to achieve full 9 channel setup in addition to active subwoofer.

Multimedia Functionality
Like many other amps AVR-X4100W have embedded multimedia functionality that reduces the need for PC and other computer components in your setup.Playback of audio files is possible from the network or from USB. To see details of the audio formats that are supported see technical specifications.

The AirPlay feature gives you the ability to play music wirelessly from your PC or MAC with iTunes, wireless playback from your iPhone, iPad or iPod either from local music collection or online services like Spotify.

Multi Zone
AVR-X4100W allows for playback in multiple rooms, with different sources for each room.

Power Amplifier
For stereo playback the amplifier is rated to provide 2 x 125 Watt with measuring method RMS, 20-20.000Hz, 8 ohm, 0.05% THD and for multi channel up to 7 x 125 Watt by measuring method RMS, 20-20.000Hz, 8 ohm, 0.05% THD.In setups where there is no need for the integrated power amplifier for the surround back channels can these power amplifiers in AVR-X4100W be configured so that the front speakers are bi-Ampet with two amplifiers for each front speaker (separate amplifier for bass and treble / midrange).

Possible speaker configurations
With audio processing for 9 channels and power amplifiers for 7 channels this amplifier has the following possible speaker configurations.

It supports 5.1 speaker config that gives possibility for front, center and surround speakers in addition to a subwoofer.

It supports 7.1 speaker configuration that gives opportuinity for front, center, surround and rear surround in addition to a subwoofer.

It supports 7.1 with front height which is a 5.1 setup, but with additional front speakers placed in height for better 3D effect and better placement of the soundstage in front

It supports 7.1 with front width which is a 5.1 setup where you have added extra fron speakers positioned to the side of the normal speakers. This provides a wider soundstage and 3D effect.

For a more detailed explanation of the possible speaker configurations you should read speaker configuration section of our home theater amplifier guide.

The remote is programmable. This means that you can enter codes for other components you own to control them from the amplifiers remote control.

It is developed own applications to control AVR-X4100W from IPhone, IPad and Android. This allows you to control the amplifier without using the supplied remote control. Applications can be loaded from the App Store or Android Market.

When AVR-X4100W is connected to the network it can be controlled via a Web Browser from any computer that has access to the network. Through browser you have access to control most of the functions.

AVR-X4100W is in sale and the lowest price that is observed is kr 9,998,-. Use the links to price engines on the right side to find the cheapest stores.

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